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      Modem software downloads - get more of your PC!

We offer a selection of modem tools that will help turn your modem into a powerful telephony device. Caller ID with address book and personal alarms, call organizer to keep your calls and contacts, computer answering machine with per-caller greetings, your calls with comments recorded to your hard drive, ready for playback or editing, faxes sent and received from your computer - all those things your modem can actually do and is pefect for businesses that can't take advantage of enterprise telepresence solutions.


Picture Caller ID software: Caller ID on your Modem
New: version 2.0 is available!

Picture Caller ID Your modem is better than a Caller ID box!
  • Far from your computer? With full screen alert you can see it from anywhere, and with voice announce you can hear it!
  • Busy with a document? Neither tool tip nor transparent text alerts will disturb you!
  • Somebody calls you often? Let their calls sound different!

And, best of all, just about any modem - with or without voice - will do!

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Call Corder: Telephone Recording Software

Call Corder Your modem can record conversations with our voice modem tools!
...and store them on your computer!
  • Telephone call recording directly to your computer with a single push of button (modem recording)
  • Optional legal disclaimer before recording (ideal for business use)
  • All calls are standard Windows sound files
  • Call memo to allow fast and easy call navigation
  • Caller ID compatible: no need to type caller's number and name (caller ID software)

Requires voice modem

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Advanced Call Center: Computer Answering Machine

Advanced Call Center Your modem is better than an answering machine! Does your phone have:
  • Caller ID alert and voice announce;
  • Answering machine with personal greetings;
  • Ability to record conversations into compressed WAV files;
  • Custom ring sounds and on-hold music;
  • Call forwarding, e-mail and pager notifications;
  • Address book and modem dialer;
  • Telemarketer call block?

Requires voice modem

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Fax Software: SmartFax 2008 / PhoneWorks 2008

Fax Software Your modem is better than a fax machine!
  • Your voice mail and fax messages all in one place
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) turns your faxes into MS Office compatible documents
  • The only voice mail and fax software you'll ever need

Requires fax or fax/voice modem

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CT Developer Studio: interactive voice response (IVR) software

From $59.95
Visual IVR script development environment Your modem can even be a platform for an IVR system for your business!
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) software
  • Modem Voice Mail
  • Fax-on-demand
  • Alphanumeric paging
  • Call routing and Caller ID
  • MS Office compatible

Requires voice modem or TAPI telephony board

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Picture Caller ID Software

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Advanced Call Center

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Call Corder
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Fax and Voice Mail Software
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