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      Modem software downloads - get more of your PC!

We offer a selection of modem tools that will help turn your modem into a powerful telephony device. Caller ID with address book and personal alarms, call organizer to keep your calls and contacts, computer answering machine with per-caller greetings, your calls with comments recorded to your hard drive, ready for playback or editing, faxes sent and received from your computer - all those things your modem can actually do and is pefect for businesses that can't take advantage of enterprise telepresence solutions.

Information about the US ESTA. Questions and answers, what has to be considered.

Picture Caller ID software: Caller ID on your Modem
New: version 2.0 is available!

Picture Caller ID Your modem is better than a Caller ID box!
  • Far from your computer? With full screen alert you can see it from anywhere, and with voice announce you can hear it!
  • Busy with a document? Neither tool tip nor transparent text alerts will disturb you!
  • Somebody calls you often? Let their calls sound different!

And, best of all, just about any modem - with or without voice - will do!

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Call Corder: Telephone Recording Software

Call Corder Your modem can record conversations with our voice modem tools!
...and store them on your computer!
  • Telephone call recording directly to your computer with a single push of button (modem recording)
  • Optional legal disclaimer before recording (ideal for business use)
  • All calls are standard Windows sound files
  • Call memo to allow fast and easy call navigation
  • Caller ID compatible: no need to type caller's number and name (caller ID software)

Requires voice modem

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Advanced Call Center: Computer Answering Machine

Advanced Call Center Your modem is better than an answering machine! Does your phone have:
  • Caller ID alert and voice announce;
  • Answering machine with personal greetings;
  • Ability to record conversations into compressed WAV files;
  • Custom ring sounds and on-hold music;
  • Call forwarding, e-mail and pager notifications;
  • Address book and modem dialer;
  • Telemarketer call block?

Requires voice modem

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Fax Software: SmartFax 2008 / PhoneWorks 2008

Fax Software Your modem is better than a fax machine!
  • Your voice mail and fax messages all in one place
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) turns your faxes into MS Office compatible documents
  • The only voice mail and fax software you'll ever need

Requires fax or fax/voice modem

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CT Developer Studio: interactive voice response (IVR) software

From $59.95
Visual IVR script development environment Your modem can even be a platform for an IVR system for your business!
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) software
  • Modem Voice Mail
  • Fax-on-demand
  • Alphanumeric paging
  • Call routing and Caller ID
  • MS Office compatible

Requires voice modem or TAPI telephony board

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Picture Caller ID Software

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Advanced Call Center

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Advanced Call Center

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Call Corder
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PhoneWorks 2008
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Fax and Voice Mail Software
SmartFax 2008
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