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How To Block Caller ID

Information on blocking and un-blocking your Caller ID Number when dialing out



  • USA: Dial *67 before you dial the number. If you have Caller ID blocked permanently, dial *82 to unblock for a given call.
  • United Kingdom: Dial 141
  • Dial "0" to reach the Operator, and have them place the call for you
  • Dial the call using a pre-paid phone card, or dial from a pay phone

Permanently Block Caller ID:

  • Dial your local telephone company and have them add Caller ID block to your line. Note that phone companies are allowed to charge for this service

Federal Legislations

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires phone companies to make available free caller ID blocking and unblocking. The rules do not apply to emergency calls (state rules govern companies obligations to honor caller privacy requests to emergency phone numbers).


  • To block Caller ID number and/or name from being displayed on someone else's caller identification device dial  *67  before dialing the actual phone number;
  • This option only applies  to every single phone call; therefore, you should dial  *67 for every call you want your ID blocked.
  • Per-Call-Blocking is only in effect for the duration of one call, and de-activates automatically after each use.

Permanently Blocking Caller ID

You can also block Caller ID for all calls made from a given telephone line. Note, however, that your local telephone company may charge you a small fee for enabling the service for your phone line.

  • Contact your local phone company and request per-line blocking;
  • Shall you need to un-block your number for a given call, you can unblock your Caller ID for one call at a time by dialing *82 in front of the actual phone number. Repeat this for every call you want your ID unblocked; you should dial *82 for every call you want your ID unblocked.

Blocked Caller ID and Toll-Free Numbers

  • When you make a toll free call, the recipient might be able to identify your number using a system called Automatic Number Identification (ANI) despite your blocking your number;
  • Companies are not allowed to use or distribute your phone number;
  • Companies are required to inform you that your phone number is transmitted to them.

For more info on your Caller ID options contact your phone company.

Software to Block Calls on Caller ID

There are many software products on the market that can block certain calls depending on their Caller ID information. We have information about around ten such products, some of which are free. Click here to see the list.

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