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Picture Caller ID for your Modem

 Picture Caller ID - modem call alert with Caller ID on your PC.
 Block telemarketers calls easily using your modem and Caller ID.

Picture Caller ID 2.0 - Your modem is better than a Caller ID box!

Picture Caller ID Screenshot
  • Tired of telemarketing calls? Disconnect telemarketers automatically!
  • Far from your computer? With full screen alert you can see it from anywhere, and with voice announce you can hear it with this caller ID software!
  • Busy with a document? Neither tool tip nor transparent text alerts will disturb you!
  • Somebody calls you often? Let their calls sound different!

And, best of all, just about any modem - with or without voice - will do!

Download | Purchase for $19.95

Picture Caller ID Software

Picture Caller ID identifies callers before you answer the phone. Call Blocking enables effective telemarketer call block by cutting off black-listed numbers, such as the numbers that are blocked, out-of-area, or unidentified. Picture Caller ID lets you screen your calls using text-to-speech to voice announce caller's name and number, so you only answer the call when you want to. It sits silently in the system tray, only notifying you when a new call comes in.

Telemarketer Call Block

Picture Caller ID supports a number of fully customizable methods of telling you who's calling, ranging from enabling a large full-screen Caller ID display that can engage itself automatically in case you are away from your computer, to displaying an unobtrusive Caller ID tool-tip notification near the system clock that will not disturb your work. Each caller can be assigned a unique ring sound so that you know who's calling even if you are far from your computer.

Planned for Picture Caller ID 2.1: e-mail and SMS call notifications.

Picture Caller ID turns your computer into an advanced computer Caller ID tool. A free evaluation download of Picture Caller ID is available. Download a free trial version of Picture Caller ID now!

Ever wondered what this 'voice' stuff is about? Watch out how amazingly your modem can perform if powered by the proper Caller ID software!

We offer a selection of tools that will help turn your modem into a powerful telephony device. Caller ID with address book and personal alarms, answering machine with per-caller greetings, your calls with comments recorded to your hard drive, ready for playback or editing - all those thongs your modem can actually do. Moreover, you can even build a custom, menu-driven, multi-mailbox IVR system.

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