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Modem System Requirements

Hardware requirements for ModemTools programs working with modems

Modem Tools System Requirements

  • Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000 or XP
  • Caller ID capable voice modem or telephony device connected to your telephone line*
  • Call Display service from your telephone company recommended
  • Sound card and connected speakers recommended

Call Display

In order to be able to receive Caller ID information you have to subscribe to a Call Display service from your telephone company.

The majority of voice modems supports Caller ID standard used in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. For the United Kingdom, however, only a few brands include Caller ID support. These brands include:

  • 3Com / U.S. Robotics Message Modem
  • Hayes Accura
  • Pace

If a US-manufactured voice modem is used in Canada we recommend setting our software for "ETSI" Caller ID service where appropriate.

Recommended Telephony Hardware

Telephony Cards

For professional quality and a complete set of features we recommend using one of the following telephony boards:

Note that telephony cards can only work in TAPI mode.


For home or small office use it is possible to use voice modems. Voice modems can be used in either direct COM port or TAPI mode, with COM port providing more complete access to these modems' features.

Virtually any voice modem is sufficient, whether it is an external or internal one (while our software performs smoother with external modems). Most modern modems support features necessary for answering machine and Caller ID. There are, however, some modems that we have specifically tested and found them working best with our software.

Our recommended modem brand list is below.


More information on telephony hardware

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